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R&K R. Kappeller knives


Kappeller specialises in the customised production of hand-crafted knives. Each finished product is either a completely unique item or one of a very limited series.

Exquisitely sharpened and hand-crafted, these knives are finished in their small custom shop in Salzburg. These beautiful blades feature exotic raw materials, such as mammoth tusk, Olneya tesota and camel bone.

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The knife maker,
in the heart of the old town

From classic to sophisticated, from minimalist to grandeur; In my showroom in the middle of Salzburg’s Old Town you will find a fine collection of my most beautiful knives. Overwhelming variety, but each completed in form and function. Stop by and see how careful craftsmanship elevates a simple blade to a work of art. A piece of tradition to touch – and to take home and lifelong appreciation.