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February 2, 2018
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Browning T-Bolt


Considered by many the perfect rimfire. This is one fast rimfire. But it still retains the long range accuracy of a bolt action. Speed just isn’t everything to the rifleman. That is why so may hunters choose the T-Bolt as their off season practice rifle. You maximize shots but still have to give each shot the attention it deserves.


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A marriage between speed and accuracy.

T-Bolt. The return of a legendary rimfire. We all remember the first time squeezing a trigger, usually consisting of simply plinking a few tin cans. For some of us, those first shots were from an original Browning T-Bolt, one of the most accurate, handy and easy-to-shoot rimfires ever produced. Those days can now be relived with today’s T-Bolt, a rifle every bit the equal of the original, with new features that put this unique rifle in a class by itself. The straight “T” bolt design lets you load and eject with a simple pull back and push forward. This system is  unequaled among rimfires for raw bolt action speed — nearly as fast as a semi-auto 22. But you retain all the accuracy advantages of a bolt action design. Today’s T-Bolt has even more than the original.

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Sporter, Sporter Left Handed, Sporter Maple, Competition Target/Varmint


.22 Long Rifle, .17 HMR